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Nick Usyk

PHP & Python developer (Web)

Николай УсикContacts:
Telegram/WhatsApp: +380725026579;

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Date of birthday: 4 February 1985 year (38 years old);
Come from: Lugansk city, Ukraine (Ukraine's citizenship);
Current location:  Lugansk city, Ukraine;

Current busyness:


Experience in PHP development over 14 years. Work on many various projects on freelance, remote work and office.

About 1 year experience as Python developer.

Web Development:

  1. PHP 8;

  2. Python 3.11;

  3. DB:
    • MySQL;
    • PostgreSQL;
    • Complex queries, transactions, stored procedures/functions, triggers, views, optimization, configuring;

  4. Front-end:
    • JavaScript (including last ECMAScript standards, if it's possible);
    • HTML 5 & CSS 3 (including Flexbox, Grid, and last standards if it's possible);
    • Twitter Bootstrap;

  5. CMS&CMF:
  6. Docker;

  7. Full text searching: Sphinx, Xapian;

  8. OOP (including design patterns, main development paradigms and programming concepts: SOLID, KISS, DRY, TDD);

  9. ORM: Doctrine, Yii, Laravel (ActiveRecord);

  10. Testing:
    • Unit testing: PHPUnit;
    • Functional testing: Selenium, Curl;

  11. VCS: Git, SVN;

  12. NoSQL: Redis, Memcached;

  13. Web services: REST;

  14. Template Engines: Smarty, Twig;

  15. Payment systems connection: CloudPayments, Payselection, PayPal, Robokassa, QIWI, Kazkom;

  16. XML;

  17. Experience with Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS). Including: bash-scripts, Iptables, Cron, etc;

  18. Project management systems: Trello, Worksection, Airtable;

  19. Bug trackers: JIRA;

  20. Documentation: phpDocumentor, UML;

  21. Miscellaneous: Regular expressions, Composer, PSR, SPL, Apache & Nginx , SQLite, PDO, GeoIP;

  22. Others API: Yandex (Market, Direct, Metrika), Telegram, VK, Google (Analytics, BigQuery), Facebook, Discord, Slack, Airtable;

  23. English (intermediate);

  24. High performance (theory): microservices, load balancing, DB replications, SQL-queries optimization, server performance testing;

  25. Others programming languages (little experience): C++, Assembler;

All projects use PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML & CSS if not specify other.


Web-programmer. Freelance/Remote work. (01.05.2015 - present);


Web-programmer. Office. "DoGlad" company, "IronPal" project. Kyiv city. (17.10.2014 - 27.04.2015);


Web-programmer. Freelance/Remote work. (28.04.2009 - 10.2014);


Web-programmer. Part-time (07.01.2009 - 28.04.2009);


System Administrator (2004-2009);



Portfolio of projects:

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