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Website creation steps:

  1. Provisional estimate of cost and time.
    This step compose of project's estimate by time, and from this time counting the cost.

  2. Technical task (TT) make up.
    If customer is not have TT, first step will be writing it. Required step for big projects.

  3. Design (look and feel) brief make up.
    Wishes, descriptions, website examples, etc for design development.

  4. Final estimate of cost and time, based on TT and design breif.
    A contract or escrow conclusion, if necessary.

  5. Look and feel.
    Development of website design, design of inner site pages, etc, by look and feel brief.  Customer's acceptance of PSD layouts.

  6. PSD to HTML conversion.
    HTML pages making (Creating templates).

  7. Programming.
    Full website programming by technical task. Integration html templates to site engine.

  8. Testing.
    Creating reports about found errors. Fix this errors and site refinements.

  9. Filling a site.
    Adding content to the site. Content gets from customer.

  10. Acceptance of all project by customer.
    Writing website guidance, if necessary. Final payment for project. Domain register and site deployment on hosting.

This lists is contingent on particular project and could be any changed