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Trainer for ROM "FIFA 98 Road to the World Cup" (Sega Genesis). Kega Fusion 3.64 emulator.

FIFA 98. Sega. Trainer


Ctrl+num1: Add 1 goal to myself;

Ctrl+num0: Take 1 goal from opponent;


Score a goal:

Ctrl+num-: In a top goal;

Ctrl+num+: In a bottom goal;


Ctrl+num2: Always maximum shoot strength;

Ctrl+num3: Players always shooting;

Ctrl+num.: Disable 3 paces rule for goalkeeper;


Line up teams for rest:

Ctrl+num/: Bottom team;

Ctrl+num*: Top team;


Super shoot:

Ctrl+num4: Enabled;

Ctrl+num5: Use low ball hook;

Ctrl+num6: Use ball dash;

Ctrl+num7: Use low ball hook and ball dash;

Ctrl+num8: Use vertical ball hook;

Ctrl+num9: Use vertical ball hook and low ball hook;

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